Desktop Repair



If you are on Guam, and have a computer problem with your Desktop PC, then come and see us today!

When it comes to desktop computer repair, the good news is parts are accessible, easy to come by and easy to diagnose. Because everything is modular, nothing is built into anything else.  Every component is individual, and basically plugs into the motherboard.  With some expert knowledge and some skilled troubleshooting, we can find the specific problem for any desktop hardware issue.  From there, we put our skills to work getting the problem fixed quickly and efficiently.

We can repair just about any issue with your Desktop Computer:

  • Case or Tower
  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • RAM or Memory
  • Processor or CPU
  • CPU Heatsink and Fan
  • Hard Drive
  • Video Card
  • CD/DVD Drive

Additional items would be the operating system, speakers for sound, a monitor for display, and other PCI cards – such as a sound card if the motherboard has no built-in audio.

With those parts assembled, you have a working desktop computer.  So when it comes to repair, there aren’t that many choices when the hardware fails.  By using our diagnostic skills, we can quickly determine which of those components are causing the problem.

The most common desktop computer repair issues we see are:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Power supply failure
  • Motherboard failure

If you are having some problems with your desktop computer, please give us a call and talk with one of our expert technicians. We’re always happy to help!