Custom Builds

custom built computers guam

We are experts at custom configuring powerful desktop computers. We build PC’s for work, gaming or production.


dell hp lenovo computers guam

We carry Dell, HP, Lenovo, as well as several other mainline brands. We also carry all the replacement parts in stock.


lcd led computer monitors guam

From 19″ all the way through 27″ monitors in stock and ready for you. We even carry the ultra-wide screen monitors.

Computer Parts

computer parts guam

If you’re an enthusiast who likes doing things yourself, we carry all the parts you need to upgrade or build your own custom desktop PC.


computer accessories guam

MEGAbyte has all the accessories you need. From keyboards & mice, to speakers and headphones, we have what you need.


laptops for sale guam

We carry all the major brands of laptops. From the small netbook, on up to the higher end 17″ ultrabooks.


tablets for sale guam

We have a tablet for every budget. From 7″ phablets (a phone & a tablet), to iPad Pro’s and Samsung Galaxy.


smartphone cheap for sale guam

Need a new smartphone but on a budget? Come check out our amazing super thin smartphones in stock at a great price.


gadgets drones guam

We have all kinds of cool gadgets and gizmos here at MEGAbyte. From drones to flashlights and multi-tools.

Cables & Chargers

cables chargers phone tablet guam

We have the largest selection of cables, wiring and chargers for laptops, TV’s, smartphones & tablets.


printers copiers guam

Looking for the right printer or copier machine for your home or office? Look no further than our large selection.

Ink & toner

ink toner guam

We have a massive selection of printer ink and copier toner in stock. If we don’t have it, we will stock it for you!

AVG Security

avg security antivirus guam

For your personal computer, your cell phone & tablet, or your entire corporation. We have the right security and backup products for your needs.


software guam programs applications

We carry the latest AVG anti-virus, Microsoft Windows, Office and just about any other software you may need.

Security Cameras

security cameras guam

Looking for a security solution for your home or business? We have just about every option you need.

Battery Back Up

battery backups guam

We carry APC and Maruson battery backups. As the islands authorized dealer, we carry every size you need.

Digital Cameras

digital cameras guam gopro

We carry Nikon, Canon and even the GoPro digital cameras. We even have the waterproof cases, tripods and selfie sticks.



Whether you are looking for a new router, a network switch or a corporate firewall, we have all the networking products you need.