Board Level Repair

circuit board level repairs guam electronics rework expert

Board level repair is work that is performed on printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and the components that comprise the design of the PCB. Parts on these boards can include the repair and/or rework of components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits. MEGAbyte’s expertise for board-level repair of electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies range from imaging industry equipment (copiers, printers, and faxes) to LCD’s, test equipment, portable music devices, power supplies, and other electronic devices.

MEGAbyte utilizes a number of different methodologies to test and troubleshoot inoperable electronics such as fabrication of circuit boards, specialized test equipment and test fixture design to identify component-level problems that can be difficult to identify otherwise.

Every day, MEGAbyte’s skilled technicians and Engineers work on boards based on the world’s most advanced computing architectures, performing repairs at the component level, including replacement of delicate BGA and fine pitch devices. Not only does this improve repair yields and reduce service costs for OEMs, it also enables the service life of legacy products to be significantly extended. MEGAbyte’s extensive background in technologies enables us to rapidly screen, diagnose and repair boards originally designed and built by others, because we understand how these architectures work.