Battery Back-Ups


Battery backup products provide power protection for your sensitive electronic equipment. In the event of a power surge or loss, a battery backup system will provide uninterrupted power which will allow time to find an alternate power source or shut down your equipment safely. Whether you need to protect a single computer or a massive server farm, we have a battery backup solution to fit your needs.

Computers are sensitive pieces of equipment. The machines require constant care and maintenance to function properly, and even the most vigilant users can run into problems. Electrical issues can be devastating – whether it’s a power outage that causes work to be lost, a blown fuse that shuts the system down or anything in between.

An uninterrupted power supply prevents disruptions from electrical malfunctions. While the devices don’t hold a long-lasting charge, users will have enough time to save files and properly turn off a computer to avoid any damage or find and activate an alternate power source.

Unlike a generator, there is no lag time between a loss of power and activation with UPS power supplies. The back-ups store electricity that is immediately shared with any connected computer when primary power is lost. This prevents system damage by avoiding sudden changes in voltage.

Hard drives can be damaged by electrical losses and surges. UPS battery backups maintain a steady rate of power for a computer and can extend the life of any piece of equipment by eliminating the long-term harm electrical fluctuations can cause.

Shoppers should consider their needs when researching a UPS device. Some back-up systems last longer than others, which would be better for users who don’t have an alternate power source available. Consumers who have a secondary electrical supply should buy a device that lasts long enough to activate the other power source.

If you’re worried about the longevity of the UPS, there are models with screens and diagnostic tools. You’ll be able to monitor the health of the device and avoid wearing the system out by overloading it.

It’s important to take precautions with a computer to ensure that it continues functioning properly. Electrical damage can be prevented by using an uninterrupted power supply with your computer.